Why Should I Attend?

If a salesman cannot tell you why your valve has failed, how can that salesman honestly know that his valve will work?

Thirty years ago, most plants in the United States had a valve guru on-site who understood the physics and the fluid dynamics of their valve applications. Valve manufacturers employed sales personnel who were mechanical engineers that properly trained distributors in valve selection.

Today, most plants do not have a valve guru. If they do, valve selection is just one of their many responsibilities. Their knowledge is often limited to general information on pressure drops and basic valve functions. Manufacturers are huge conglomerates with many different valve lines. Their staff typically receives a few months of instruction before going out to train the distributors. They then attempt to assist the plant with valve selection based on Features and Benefits rather than the application data.

Our CVAT class provides a bridge to the knowledge we have lost over the last thirty years. We explain the most common reasons for premature valve failure. We walk you through a valve selection process that goes beyond Features and Benefits. We prepare you to be able to competently have a conversation with any Valve Rep on why their valve will work in your application.

Who Should Attend?

  • Reliability Engineers who resolve “Valve Related Issues”.
  • Maintenance Supervisors who repair and replace process valves.
  • Maintenance Planners who select process valves.
  • Instrument / Electrical Supervisors who select or maintain automated valves.
  • Project Engineers who specify valves for new projects or upgrades.
  • Production supervisors who suffer from lost downtime caused by valve failure.