About Our Company

Advanced Valve and Instrument, Inc. began operations in mid-1994 with our focus on being a short turnaround supplier of automated quarter turn valves. Since our beginning, that vision has expanded to include instrumentation and valve application seminars, classes and valve application consulting.

Located in the heart of the Pulp & Paper industry in Southeast Georgia, AVI serves a diverse market which also includes Power & Utilities, Chemical, Waste & Water Treatment, and Food Processing.

While valve automation has remained a primary focus of our energies, AVI’s attention has also turned in recent years to the education of our local customer base, as well as customers from as far away as British Columbia and San Francisco. These customers have turned to AVI to train their supervisors on proper valve specification and selection with our Valve Application Classes.

Improper selection of process valves is costly to manufacturers in both down time and lost production dollars. In other words, the cost of the valve is negligible compared to the cost of the valve failure. AVI has a proven formula which takes the guesswork out of valve selection.

It is this focus on reduction of production downtime which makes AVI unique. Contact AVI today and ask what we can do to reduce costly downtime brought on by ‘trial & error’ valve selection.